Saturday, April 25, 2009

About Vince Verdooren

Creating breakthrough communications in a warp-speed world demands new skills and new thinking. You have to work harder and smarter. You have to do more with less. And you have to be really, really fast.

I’m a 21st Century Creative Person.

I thrive on dealing with chaotic, ever-changing societal and corporate cultures. Technology is my friend. I embrace the evolving and emerging trends, tools, and techniques—plus, I can operate a Mac or Magic Markers. I’m a Creative Director, Copywriter, Art Director, Producer, Account Planner, UX Designer, Content Strategist, Administrative Assistant and more. I’ve handled everything from concept boards to campaigns, producing with megabuck and microbuck budgets.

My expertise covers traditional advertising, digital, direct marketing, multicultural marketing, and pharmaceutical marketing. I’ve also delivered on promotions, events, new product introductions, guerrilla marketing, recruitment, and client birthday cards.

However, I’m still pretty traditional in my belief that nothing’s more important than the people you work with. And to make people happy, especially the accountants, my efforts lead to increased business, profits, and prosperity. If any of this sounds good to you, we should discuss potential employment opportunities. In the meantime, please view the work on this site. Have a nice day. And enjoy the rest of the 21st Century.

This site features examples of my work. You may scroll through it all or jump to specific sections via these links:

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